Android Security – Things to do once your device is compromised

We all know that in this world of internet connectivity, things can easily get compromised, and yes as the title suggests we are talking about Android devices. Now we know that every 8 out of the 10 smartphones on the planet is an Android, in real life it’s more than 85% and the number keeps on growing.

Android by far is secure in nature as it has inbuilt features that makes it formidable since it’s Linux inherited after all, i mean Android is nothing but a Linux kernel on which there are fancy tech things like SE-Linux etc, well I ain’t going too deep here but now shall start to mention few ways of making Android or rather getting the same old feeling that one gets before his/her phone got hacked, yeah i understand that. The bad vibes and the frustration you have when your device is not working smoothly or up-to the mark.

Use AV software’s:-

Yeah those antivirus software, use the free ones, it can be anything or any good old AV which can or is your fav, yeah windows fans i do get you antivirus’s does help in the Android world well sometimes, so get one and you’re good to go. Quick hint:- use the ones most popular like Quick Heal if you’re residing in India or Kaspersky, Avast Total Security. Make sure if you’re opting in for a paid solution then you’re secured the most as the complete suite makes sense here, however free ones sometimes do the magic well too in detecting the heuristics and the false positives.

Use Anti-malware software tools like the popular and my favorite “Malwarebytes” which is also the first line of defense for any malwares like Rootkits, Worms and also damn those nasty Ransomware’s too.

The other thing is “if you do not trust any link simply do not click” as this is the golden rule of thumb.

Avoid opening any suspicious emails coming from an unknown source and if you receive any text messages, SMS’s etc the short links make sure to use or confirm where the complete links finally redirects to and if possible you can quickly find out the origin here. Some services worth looking for are here. or can come handy for the day.

Also Scan the app’s from the inbuilt Google play store the feature is known as “Google Play Protect” it’s free and very reliable and make sure to turn off the installation from third party sources and also do not install the apps which you do not trust, even if it’s coming from a friend or a close acquaintances.

If nothing works out of the box then just take the backup of as much as you can and then simply format or factory reset your Android device. This shall be the final and the last resort but make sure you get almost 100% backup if possible again this is in theory but golden rule of backup shall be adhered to and be followed and make this as a practice.

By Akash Angle

I am a Full time Linux user who has quit using Windows for unknown reasons, making my life truly open source.

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