Linux Maintenance

So here we go, let’s talk about Linux maintenance, OMG ! you need to maintain Linux i thought it just worked fine, unlike windows what about defrag and that temp files which keep on accumulating. maybe cleaning the registry, no i am just kidding you need not do those things here it’s Linux and let me tell you this is awesome. Well there are few things you need to do to keep your Linux session going perfectly flawlessly smooth as you upgrade and use it for years to come and yes so here it is as Anglehit explains:

Linux is Changing

Change is inevitable part of life and change is important to keep the world transforming. Similar thing applies to technology world and as things gets evolved so does Linux and the whole nitty gritty of it. But wait a seconds, let me tell you the basics remains the same, I mean the command line and yeah that’s forever you know. Here we shall be considering the desktop regime of Linux OS rather than servers, so here it begins as Anglehit explains…