India’s First Blogging Workshop – Blogathon 2013

People who blog on WordPress platform are aware of events like Wordcamp which is official and conducted by WordPress team, but heard of the name Blogathon anytime. Well this is the first time in India such event is going to be conducted and it’s basically a 2 day workshop on 2nd and 3rd March 2013.Few days back I got an invitation from my friend to be a volunteer at Blogathon ’13. Even I was confused with the name as you are but when I visited the website, everything was clear. It is a Blogging Workshop where you can learn the basics of creating a blog to advanced skills of promoting and monetizing it, through Google Adsense and various other ads in general.

I will be talking about Google indexing your published content within 1 minute after publishing the article and about robots.txt. In simple words, my talk will include how to speed up and index the content instantly on Google and also how to dis-allow Google from indexing your personal url’s

Apart from my talk, the topics comprised in this 2-day workshop are:

  • WordPress Basics
  • Custom Designing of WordPress Themes
  • CSS Hacks
  • Optimization of blogs with Responsive layouts
  • Plugin Analyses
  • SEO and SEM strategies

Why Should I Attend?

If you are among the ones who always wanted to start a blog but couldn’t do it because of lack of guidance; then, here’s a chance to learn and get it started at the event itself.

One thing different I found about this event from others is that, they are aiming to produce blog on the spot itself. So, it is a good opportunity to get learning on 1-to-1 basis.

For those, who are already aware of blogging and want to expand it can also come and take advantage of advanced techniques like Monetizing, Design Hacks and more.

Let’s catch-up there, book your seat now at the tickets are for Rs 500 and you can also get 20% off by using the code below when you check out



By Akash Angle

I am a Full time Linux user who has quit using Windows for unknown reasons, making my life truly open source.

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