While talking about the famous Snapcraft which is gaining some traction for the users of Ubuntu and Linux Mint as well as other derivatives for Ubuntu based distros out there. “Souk” a new way or rather a slick end to install or replace the apps on Linux via the GUI which is not to be confused with the Gnome software center or the Ubuntu Software Center in general. It is not a software replacement tool rather a very own way to install via Flatpak repos out there.

“Souk” meaning the (Arab bazaar or the marketplace) is built using the GTK4(gonna release very soon in the end of 2020). Also uses Rust programming language for the backend and it’s fast as per the user experience is concerned. The code can be found out on gitlab page here.
Some FAQ’s are answered here:


-> What is the goal/scope of Souk?

Souk just wants to do one thing well – provide a Flatpak-focused app store. Not more – not less. To achieve this we’re using Rust and GTK4. We intend to support desktop and mobile devices, and use libhandy to build our adaptive interface.

-> Is Souk going to replace GNOME Software?

No. GNOME Software does a lot more things like doing firmware upgrades, managing packagekit packages, or doing complete OS upgrades. We don’t want to add such functionality in Souk.

-> Is Souk an official GNOME app?

No. Souk is an independent third-party application.

that’s all for now.

By Akash Angle

I am a Full time Linux user who has quit using Windows for unknown reasons, making my life truly open source.

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