ZeroNet is a peer to peer(P2P) Decentralized website platform using Bitcoin crypto and the BitTorrent network

We shall be installing this here on a Ubuntu based test machine.

The image shown below is from Ubuntu Software Center.

Manual install for Debian/Ubuntu Linux

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install msgpack-python python-gevent
tar xvpfz master.tar.gz
cd ZeroNet-master

Start with



in your browser

How can I create a ZeroNet site?

Shut down zeronet if you are running it already

$ siteCreate
- Site private key: 23DKQpzxhbVBrAtvLEc2uvk7DZweh4qL3fn3jpM3LgHDczMK2TtYUq
- Site address: 13DNDkMUExRf9Xa9ogwPKqp7zyHFEqbhC2
- Site created!

Congratulations, you’re finished! Now anyone can access your site using


How can I modify a ZeroNet site?

Modify files located in data/13DNDkMUExRf9Xa9ogwPKqp7zyHFEqbhC2 directory. After you’re finished:

$ siteSign 13DNDkMUExRf9Xa9ogwPKqp7zyHFEqbhC2
- Signing site: 13DNDkMUExRf9Xa9ogwPKqp7zyHFEqbhC2...
Private key (input hidden):
Enter the private key you got when you created the site, then:
$ sitePublish 13DNDkMUExRf9Xa9ogwPKqp7zyHFEqbhC2
Site:13DNDk..bhC2 Publishing to 3/10 peers...
Site:13DNDk..bhC2 Successfuly published to 3 peers
- Serving files....

That’s it! You’ve successfully signed and published your modifications.

Delete ZeroNet files:-

Just remove the existing folder on your machine and clear the cache data.



By Akash Angle

I am a Full time Linux user who has quit using Windows for unknown reasons, making my life truly open source.

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