How to display network traffic in the terminal?


how to display the actual network traffic (wireless) in a terminal?

Additionally: Is it possible to add this info to the chart of top?


It’s quite easy! install “iftop” with:

sudo apt-get install iftop

Then run

sudo iftop

from any terminal!


There is a nice tool called speedometer that displays a graph in the terminal using Unicode block characters, colors, and even adds labels to each peak in the graph.

$ sudo apt-get install speedometer
$ speedometer -l  -r wlan0 -t wlan0 -m $(( 1024 * 1024 * 3 / 2 ))
Screenshot after running the previous command

It has several options, can monitor multiple interfaces, can show multiple graphs in several rows or columns, and can even monitor the download speed of a single file (by watching the file size on disk).

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