LibreOffice dubbed MUFFIN a “Ribbon” typed interface(optional) is coming !

The popular open source software suite from the Document Foundation is going to make a relative stride forward by introducing the so called Ribbon UI which resembles any Microsoft Office software in the modern era. The package comes as an entire optional thing and gives the end user the freedom of which interface to be choose from. Here are some of them below:-

  1. Notebook bar (dubbed as Ribbon UI)
  2. Single Toolbar
  3. Single Toolbar plus Sidebar
  4. Classic Toolbar.

What is MUFFIN?

All 4 of the new layouts are part of the tasty acronym called MUFFIN. MUFFIN stands for “My User Friendly & Flexible INterface”.

The question is that the Open source software suite wants to classify the users, in terms of their genre from age limits, that is as follows:-

  1. Silent (1928 – 1945)
  2. Boomers (1946 – 1964)
  3. Gen X (1965 – 1980)
  4. Millennials (1981 – 1996)

So as per the above mentioned understandings there are various options kept wide open for the LibreOffice devs to work upon. The choices that they make will reflect in the upcoming future releases.

Just to note that the new feature is arriving in Jan 2017 with the release stated 5.3 which shall be stable in January of the next year(as mentioned during the time of writing the article). Now in case if you’re running a stable version or a version prior to 5.3 then you’re out of luck.But if you’re rocking a pre-release version you can try it out. How to enable the ‘LibreOffice Ribbon’? First, click through to enable the “notebook bar” feature under:

  • Tools = > Options = > LibreOffice General = > Advanced = > Experimental features

Once enabled head back to the main LibreOffice app. To enable (turn on) the Notebook bar click:

  • View = > Toolbar Layout = > Default/Single toolbar/Sidebar/Notebookbar

That’s it for now, hope to see all this feature rolled out soon next year !


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By Akash Angle

I am a Full time Linux user who has quit using Windows for unknown reasons, making my life truly open source.

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