Howdy fellows,

There are gazillions of posts out there on the world wide web which teaches or preaches you 😉 how, to get unblocked on WhatsApp, but many of them simply don’t work as the posts or articles can be too old, or WhatsApp being one of the top social media messaging platforms, wherein the bug or the loop holes might quickly get fixed in terms of being anonymously as the version number keeps on iterating. But the one written below is 100% working and will always be till the end of the time, thats what i think technically, logically and rartionally. so let’s get going, shall we:-

Let’s assume the person who has blocked you is xyz, minimum requirement of 3 people needs to be involved in order to make this trick working.

1. Tell your friend or a someone in your family to add that xyz persons name and contact details on their phonebook and WhatsApp should be refreshed.

2. Tell them to make a group of 3 people ie.
You, xyz and your friend.

3. Now tell them to add all of them together, one by one and give the group some catchy name.

4. Once the group has been formed, tell them to add few messages for testing, like
Hello, Sorry, etc.

5. After that tell your fellow friend quit immediately to exit group !

6. And now voila, only you two will remain in the group and can now chat with each other at ease.

Note:- If Admin Leaves Or Exits The Group The Group Is Not Deleted , The Participants Still In The Group Can Message Each Other

That’s it

This might be called, “Social engineering at its best”.


Thanks for reading, have fun !

By Akash Angle

I am a Full time Linux user who has quit using Windows for unknown reasons, making my life truly open source.

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6 years ago

I enjoyed your wonderful blog.

Thank you for the very hard work done.

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