The one menu to access all your preferred google services with a single click. Welcome to the Black menu, this is a Google chrome extension and it unifies all the Google services under one roof such as Google docs, Gmail, Google +, Youtube etc….

This extension is meant to be a replacement for both, iGoogle and the quickly removed google menu. Since Google Chrome is cross-platform, it should work in Windows, Mac and Ubuntu systems. Install Black Menu by going to the link below.

Quickly search almost everything google is capable of – get easy access to the most commonly used google services, available at any time.

Search page – the primary page, containing a search box which is able to quickly get search results right in Black Menu. Not enough search results? Simply hit “web”, which will bring you to Google search results in a new tab. Want another searchtype? simple select another one in the toolbar.

Google+ page – Quickly share your current page, create a new post, or check your notifications. Its all possible with the Google+ page. At the bottom, you can also find some shortcuts to the Google+ sections in a new tab, like Circles or Hangouts.

Translate page – this menu allows you to quickly translate everything you want. It automatically recognizes the language you have entered and you can easily change which languages you want to use or switch between them, same as on google translate itself. You can even star translations, which can be checked later in the phrasebook, including the translations made in the past.

Maps page – easily search any location in the world, you can easily start a direction from and to where you have searched for, see the current traffic, switch to satellite view, and even more.

Play page – Search any content you want in the play store. The search system works the same as in the regular search and google+ menu. At the bottom, you have easy access to your content, apps, music, magazines, and more. Note, that not every content type is available in every country, because of google play limitations.

Youtube page – View ‘most viewed’ videos, recently uploaded videos, top rated videos and more on this menu. You can search for any video you want, and even play them from within the extension itself (as long as you keep the menu open). Quick shortcuts to your ‘watch later’ and ‘playlists’ are available at the bottom.

News page – Want to see what’s going on in world? No problem! With this extension you have just one click to do to get the recent ‘top stories’, ‘business news’ and ‘news from science’ and anything else you might be looking for. You can also search for specific news via the search box.
At the bottom are quick links to the news archive and google reader. Filter by starred items, recommended items, or even your own folders.

Gmail page – This page features a full featured Gmail inbox. You can check your mail. Delete mail, label mail, report a mail as spam. You can even compose a new mail, right in Black Menu.

Drive page – Search through your documents in google drive.
Upload new files from your computer, or create new documents via the new file menu. You can also access the google drive locations in one click, via the linkssection at the bottom.

Calendar page – View all your upcoming calender events, view events from a specific day, or even add new events. The calendar menu also shows your open google tasks, where you can check completed tasks, or add new ones.

More menu – Not yet found what you were looking for? Taking a look at the more menu, allows you to access nearly all google services that were not available through the previous menus.

[via:- chrome extensions page]


By Akash Angle

I am a Full time Linux user who has quit using Windows for unknown reasons, making my life truly open source.

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