So what the heck is pip after all?

The concept of a package manager might be familiar to you if you are coming from other languages. JavaScript uses npm for package management, Ruby uses gem, and .NET use NuGet. In Python, pip has become the standard package manager. So, what is pip? pip is a package manager for Python. That means it’s a tool that allows you to install and manage additional libraries and dependencies that are not distributed as part of the standard library.

sudo apt install python3-pip

sudo pip3 install --upgrade pip setuptools

sudo apt update&& sudo apt upgrade python-pip

Upgrade pip with pip and change the link as shown:

apt-get install python-pip
pip install --upgrade pip
pip --version  
ln -s /usr/local/bin/pip /usr/bin/
pip --version  

Like above, but now use python -m pip

pip install --upgrade pip
pip --version  
python -m pip --version  


easy_install -U pip
pip --version  

on Windows use Chocolatey, and on macOS use homebrew !

By Akash Angle

I am a Full time Linux user who has quit using Windows for unknown reasons, making my life truly open source.

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