Yes, you’ve read this headline right !

Well guys this is a trial and tested method/way in order to discard or delete the inseparable part of our digital life, yes, WhatsApp, the most popular and widely used IM which somehow does not allow a sign out or logout option, let it be on Mobile devices or the web version(well the web app does but again it switches back to mobile version, get glued anyhow) of it.

So, Before I begin remember I’ve uninstalled my WhatsApp after following the below steps only, so the steps given below are a must read and can say is a mandate or a protocol in order to terminate this popular app once and for all(again this is my own expereince and results matter for person to person, bottom line don’t get addicted to your digital cravings). More said then done, let us begin:-

  • Make last seen hidden, now this helps a lot since your friends and family/colleague won’t come to know when you have used your WhatsApp last time/last seen, online and also makes sense when there is no double tick mark when someone has send you a text etc.


  • Use a custom DP(huh! popular term said in India), display picture or whatever you call it say a profile image of WhatsApp say something like this. As I’ve done this.

  • Use an alternative source for example as of now I’m using the Facebook Messenger(huh well Facebook and WhatsApp are the same company right but at least let’s get practical about this, people need some alternatives somehow at an initial stage to switch over).


  • You may switch to any other IM say like Viber, Hike(which is made in India), Telegram etc. But try and minimise your usage to important and prioritise your chatting needs.


  • For many people WhatsApp is the de-facto standard of text communication after SMS, but remember SMS’s are not dead and there are many cell phone network operators out there who do provide unlimited or perhaps some descent amount of texts to be sent, note capping may be there, for me here in India, Reliance JIO provides me 100 SMS’s national and local free per day.


  • And last but not the least email communication which is legendary and the perhaps may be the oldest one is not dead yet, i mean everyone has Gmail on every Android out there and iOS has a Mail app too, so do consider emails as an important part of communication in your day to day needs. We all are aware how emails change the way we work in offices, similarly try and implement the above in personal lives as well.


Note:- The above mentioned post is just for a sake of advise to young and old and people of all ages. I’m not an expert or have an expertise to discard your tech savvy vices in this digital world.

Thank you for reading till here. May you find peace in life after taking the decision.

Remember:- Less talk(chat), more execution. Result speaks itself !


By Akash Angle

I am a Full time Linux user who has quit using Windows for unknown reasons, making my life truly open source.

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