Behold a giant am I, yay! I do consider “Linux” as a tertiary OS, after Windows and macOS in most terms. Even though Linux is just a kernel with all the bells and whistles put on top of that with a neat GUI and many more spanking chores to get our stuff’s done. But speaking truth is the glamour of Linux getting rust on Desktop arena specially, I think so or not, does not matter might be a personal opinion, but considering the fact that sheer 2.1% of the market share it holds is just a tiny figure in this giant universe of mankind and huh! don’t get me wrong the figures are just the opposite when we consider the fact and figures in the so foreseen “Server” regime.

What’s the point I’m considering here is the task that might be haunting in our heads but there is no straight path, I might sound little gibberish here just beating around the bush, but remember the grass seems to be greener on the other side of the fence, and here i say there is always a candy lying on the other side of the fence. Enough of rouge and vague talks, let us consider our agenda.


Yes there is and always shall be in this 2% of the desktop ruled world for geeks of all generes from sys admins to hackers and hardware enthusiasts to some newbies. There are 350 plus distros out there in the wild all of mix matched flavours and desktop environments. Some using most popular .deb installers to .rpm and yay those tar balls are there too, you shall find all those tipsy turvy extension files here in this Linux world and it is indeed fanatically adorable.

Now fellows we know once Mark Shuttleworth had announced the founder of Canonical that powers Ubuntu, the most popular ever Linux Distro out there. The thing was there shall be once update for all the products, that means one update or a security patch for phones, laptops, desktops, servers, ARM devices, IoT devices, etc. But that was and shall all the time remained a dream. I’m not blaming Canonical here it’s just my perspective they could have done a lot better with things but they just shattered while hitting the sweet spot in those golden days when Microsoft Windows Vista was struggling for the market share and then came Unity which took over Gnome 2.X and finally now Gnome 3.X with it’s own customisations of all the goodies and styled layers which adores and indeed makes Ubuntu one of the best and easiest to use Linux distributions out there. The purpose was never defeated and Ubuntu has come once again with it’s neat and flaunting flamboyant looks and has put the Gnome OS project on there thinking cap to be on.

Finally it’s all the magic of uptream and downstream projects and from where who and when implements it is what time and tice shall dictate. Gnome OS is fine and shall make some rapid strides and it’s all ok to be something original after all.

Happy hacking nerds and keep rolling the vanilla guys ! thanks for reading.

By Akash Angle

I am a Full time Linux user who has quit using Windows for unknown reasons, making my life truly open source.

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