Basic Prerequisite before upgrading any version of Ubuntu, Mint and it’s Derivatives

The golden era for Focal Fossa is around the corner and this post shall always be up to the par for any version behold for any Debian aka Ubuntu/Mint based distro and it’s derivatives once and for all, as it’s remarkably easy and a must chore for every Linux enthusiasts out there with a flare […]

Install the fastest mirror in Kali Linux.

Facing issues of slow updates via terminal in Kali Linux 2020.1 and above, well you’re not the only one, there are few or perhaps many cases in the wild and after some research I’ve landed onto this solution. Perhaps not the best in the world but makes complete sense and works most importantly. The issue […]

How to Install PyCharm CE in Ubuntu

Let us talk about an super easy way to install PyCharm CE that is the community edition which is open source and has a great amount of traction in the FOSS world, PyCharm the most beloved IDE for python programmers and enthusiasts who wanna use python to much greater extent, here I’d considering Ubuntu, this works pretty much the same way for Linux Mint, Debian as well as Ubuntu and its derivatives as well.

How should I upgrade pip on Ubuntu?

The concept of a package manager might be familiar to you if you are coming from other languages. JavaScript uses npm for package management, Ruby uses gem, and .NET use NuGet. In Python, pip has become the standard package manager. So, what is pip? pip is a package manager for Python. That means it’s a tool that allows you to install and manage additional libraries and dependencies that are not distributed as part of the standard library.

Upgrade Python in Ubuntu

This article will/shall always be inline for the sole purpose of keeping python up-to-date, and to the latest, greatest stable as always as possible version. We shall strictly speak to Ubuntu here I mean any version 19.10+(Eoan Ermine) at the time of writing and beyond in the upcoming future, however this might also work for Debian, Linux mint and its derivatives too, but your mileage might vary as per the repositories updated and as maintained d by he respective developers

3 cool ways to completely encrypt your flash drives

Encryption can be a de-facto standard for privacy paranoid peeps out there, but yay! we do need it sometime or say most of the time, when using specially a flash drive or something portable drive which people tend to use mostly if and when required in there daily chores of digital life.